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Betting Tips for this Weekend’s football – 20/21 November

As usual, I will put £15 accumulatively on five different bets, which are called ‘Safety Bet’, ‘Home Bankers’, ‘Draws’, ’10 Matches’ and finally ‘Scorecast’. I will put £10 on the first bet, £2 on the second, £1.50 on the third, £0.30 on the fourth and then the remaining £1.20 on the last one,…

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Betting Tips for this Weekend’s Key Clashes

Arsenal v Tottenham This game could go either way. However, looking at Tottenham’s away record to Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool in the last 20 years is shocking, as they haven’t recorded one win, in any competition. This is a different Tottenham team though, with so many world class players such as…

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Betting Tips for International Friendly’s – 17/11/10

As for every time I bet, I have £15 to put on 5 different bets. I call each bet a different name, and make a system where it gives me the edge of the bookies. I put £10 on the ‘Safety Bet’, I put £2 on the ‘Home Banker’, then £1.50 on ‘Draws’,…

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Betting on All Sports

Are you the sort of person that likes to bet on just the one sport, with it being Football, Rugby or Tennis, or are you the type that likes to bet on as much sports as possible? Doesn’t matter which type you are, all betting is still fun. However, I do like betting…

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Ways to bet on Football

Betting on football is generally fun. It makes the matches seem more important and interesting, and that’s obviously down to the fact that you can win money. People tend to believe that you more knowledgeable you are of football, the better chance you have of winning money.  However, some believe that anything can…

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Best Online Bonuses

If you haven’t joined any online websites where you can bet on sport, poker, casino’s then do not worry because below are the best bonuses once you have joined. Some will give you free money, free bets or double the deposit you once you have registered for the site. Each of the following…

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