They’re the preferred bet of novice football bettors across the world but, while they certainly hold a lot of promise, accumulator bets are something a serious sports bettor playing through their Unibet bonus should probably avoid. The reason why accumulator bets are so popular is because they offer long odds and high returns for a modest stake.

The way accumulator bets works is that you pick a series of games and select which teams you think will win. For example, let’s assume you choose five games and noted the winners with a “W”: Manchester United (W) vs. Everton, Arsenal (W) vs. Liverpool, Chelsea (W) vs. Tottenham, Manchester City (W) vs. Newcastle and Aston Villa (W) vs. Stoke City.

Each separate game will have its own odds when you bet on them individually, but when placed in an accumulator these odds are carried on to the next match. This culmination of odds means that the end result is a much better return for players. This is good for recreational football bettors because they can bet on favourites and not worry about the short odds. This means they can bet small and still win big.

However, while are accumulator bets are great for novice gamblers, they aren’t so good for professional gamblers. The reason for this is that they are tough to win. If just one result in your selection goes against you, then the whole bet is dead. Any serious gambler knows that the more results you have to choose, the more chance you have of losing.

For this reason professional gamblers prefer to make individual bets on results you think are likely to happen. While this takes a bigger bankroll and more financial risk, it’s a much better way to ensure a higher win rate and a more consistent profit. A professional sports bettor is looking to achieve a high win rate and this is something you can’t achieve with accumulator bets. Whilst you might be able to win big once in a while, this isn’t enough to sustain a professional football bettor’s bankroll.