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Premier League Key Clashes – September 10th

Arsenal v Swansea – 3:00pm Arsenal have had a poor start of the season. They have lost Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas, and although qualifying for the Champions League, they have had a disaster start. They have only scored 2 goals, and they were in a 8-2 defeat against Manchester United. Arsenal have…

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Betting on Champions League Quarter Finals

Real Madrid v Tottenham Real Madrid are 1/3 to qualify whereas Tottenham are 11/5. This should be a fascinating tie where anything can happen so you could win more if you bet on a more risky bet. Real Madrid are 2/5 to win on the night, and you certainly fancy them at all…

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The Simple-to-Understand Soccer Betting Theory

When soccer is pitted against other sports, the game of soccer carries a higher chance of a stronger team losing to a weaker team. This certainly holds true in the case of the English Premier League. For example, during the final game of the 1999 UEFA Championship, Bayern Munich lost to Manchester United…

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The Best Football Betting Sites Help You Profit On All Of The Seasons Top Games

Some people just like to sit back and watch football games, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. However, if you’re finding that you actually want to experience the games in a different way, football betting is definitely for you. There’s nothing like having some informed decisions on your bets and then…

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Always Remember the Draw in Soccer Betting

One aspect of soccer that sets it apart from all other team sports that attract bettors is its tied results, also called draws. In sports that require a game to continue until there is a clear winner, this is not how soccer works. Furthermore, there are tangible effects in regards to draws. The…

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Connecting to the Social Side of Soccer Betting

Soccer betting is fast, fun, and even a little bit furious, but you can’t experience the fun of betting on your favorite soccer teams if you don’t get started right away. Yet if you’re already betting on the big games, you still might feel a little unfulfilled. This is a pretty normal thing,…

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