Got an Android phone? Awesome! So do we! And what we really love doing is sports betting. You might not realize it as first, but Android sports betting is definitely a new revolution.

Let’s go back to the past for a minute. Sports betting is something that used to be done only offline. So if you really wanted to place bets, you had to go to a pub that would let you do it. A sportsbook at a casino offline will let you do it as well, but you would have to go all of the way out to the casino, and this assumes that you actually have one.

Placing your bets online can definitely help you stay at home and avoid the traffic of driving around. Yet what if you really want to get more mobile than what you have now?

There is a way to do that: you have to turn to mobile sports betting. Specifically, we’re talking about Android sports betting as well. So you have to start thinking about the way you’re trying to go about sports betting and find a solution that’s actually going to help you get what you want in the long run.

Your Android phone is the gateway to a lot of mobile entertainment. You will want to make sure that you check your original sportsbooks. Believe it or not, many sportsbooks are now producing Android apps that let you catch the excitement of sports betting right there on the app. These apps are going to be just as secure as logging into the site, because you will be able to rely on standard encryption. Remember that you are still going onto the Internet, so you will have encryption on your side.

The nicer your Android phone is, the more fun you’re going to have on the site. However, don’t think that just because you have an older Android phone you can’t get involved with mobile sports betting at all.

There are plenty of great betting sites out there that will let you take your fun on the road. Make sure that you look carefully at the Android version that the app requires when you go to download it. Android is still one of those things were the app really does have to match the version of Android that you have. So if you need to upgrade your Android phone before you actually get a chance to hit the sports betting, this is the best chance to do it!

Why not check out your options today? You just might be surprised!