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The popularity and legality of gambling varies in different countries. Some nations are tolerant of it, whereas others are less receptive to it for a variety of reasons. The United Kingdom is perhaps one of the most gambling-friendly nations in the world today. Proof of that is its huge gaming industry, with many bookmakers featuring among the country’s biggest and most successful companies. A huge part of that success can be put down to the popularity of betting on sport, where many gaming firms sponsor major sporting events.

The growth of sports betting at Ladbrokes has happened over a period of around a few decades, and many sports are reliant on it for income. Horse racing is perhaps the sport most closely-associated with betting, as many bookmakers sponsor major races, while the main source of interest for many fans is which horse has the best price. Betting on football tournaments and games is just as popular, with punters being able to bet on correct scores, who will win the tournament and even peripheral stats like corners and cautions.

Other sports are proving popular with people looking to make money from betting. Among them are golf, cricket, tennis, darts and boxing, with many gambling companies sponsoring individual players, teams and tournaments. Meanwhile, other forms of gaming popular in the UK include bingo, the National Lottery and online casinos featuring roulette, poker and slot games. However, none of them have become quite as popular or as exciting as sports betting, which has allowed people to get into sports in a way they never previously thought was possible.