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Champions League history

When you look at the true modern greats of the game, one name that is sure to always come to mind is Ronaldo. He is the most decorated player in the history of the Champions league with 4 titles to boot. He is again set to spear head the attack for Real Madrid…

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Where are you now?

It’s a curious thing when a player unexplainably goes missing off the footballing map although it’s very common in today’s competitive football world. I’m going to take a trip down the rabbit hole and find out where some of football previously fairly recognisable names went wrong, and where they ended up. Freddy Adu…

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Come and have a Bet – Top 10 Get Rich Sports Betting Tips

The start of the new football season is almost upon us meaning, once again, droves of us will resolve to make money out of our football betting. Most will fail miserably due to a combination of factors such as lack of disciple and a failure to have a defined target in regards to…

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Betting on United States in the 2015 World Cup – What’s the Smartest Bet

The 2015 Women’s World Cup is gaining ground in popularity and sports wagers. Typically they are considered the perennial powerhouse, and the odds-on favorite. This World Cup is no different, even though Japan won in 2011. The odds before the June 6th opening were as follows: United States 9/4 Germany       7/2 Brazil        7/1…

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3 Considerations Serious Punters Have to Make To Win Big

Punters have one goal above all others: to make money without losing their shirts over time. Hey, we totally get that. If you’re going to fork over cash that took you time to make, you want to get the most out of that money. We get that completely. What happens far too often…

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Managing Your Risks in Soccer Betting

Let’s face it — anything that involves limiting yourself is something that just isn’t exciting at all. However, there is something to be said about actually thinking about what you ultimately want to accomplish from every angle, and this means thinking bout how to manage your risks in the greater world of football…

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