Online sportsbooks cover all kinds of sporting events. However, betting on football is one of the biggest lures that any sportsbook can have, at least in Europe. The beautiful game is arguably the most wagered on sport in the world, especially during a summer of World Cup or European Championship action. The Champions League, the Premier League and La Liga are also major football competitions which see a lot of action staked on them.

However, would football fans wager as much on their beloved sport if it wasn’t for an online betting bonus coming their way? Well, don’t be silly now. Of course they would. What a typical sports bonus might do though, is open the floodgates for a player to start wagering on sports other than football, or a specific league or match that they wouldn’t normally bet on.

online betting bonus

If an online sportsbook decides to offer an online betting bonus on the Scottish league for instance, and a player has never thought about wagering on the SPL before, they might decide to give it a crack. This is especially more likely if the bonus is one that they cannot refuse. These types of bonuses do occur fairly often at sports betting sites after all.

So, with the right bonus, a player might consider betting on football matches that they wouldn’t ordinarily gamble on. But why do it at all? There are a number of reasons why a football fan might like to stick a tenner down on a side. If a person’s favourite team and supported club is facing an opposition where there is at least a 50-50 chance that their team will lose, they might decide to back the opposing team. As disloyal to their club as this sounds, there is method in their madness.

When you back the team that your club is facing, you are gambling with more than money. If your team wins a particularly tough fixture, you lose your money, but your team won, so you are overjoyed. If they lose, you’re a bit sad, but you have made money out of the match. Betting on football suddenly becomes more personal in this manner, and less like gambling.

Of course, non-football fans (who are good with statistics) will have other reasons for betting on football, and that is fine too, because there are many reasons why somebody who isn’t an avid football fan might do it. Similarly, a football fan might bet on tennis, or the Formula One, or basketball, even if they don’t really follow them.

Ultimately, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter why you wager on sports, what matters is that you are happy in what you have chosen. Sports’ betting is the same as any other gambling game in principle, although a lot of sports gamers do feel as though they have a slightly better chance of turning a win around, due to their “knowledge” of the chosen sport; and if there happens to be a particular online betting bonus thrown in, well, that’s all the better isn’t it?