How to stay safe in Russia over the World Cup

Heading to Russia for the World Cup? If you think you’ll do just fine only knowing your Privyet from your Dos Vidanya, you might have another thing coming. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered with this helpful guide to some of the hot-spots where you shouldn’t go and some of the things likely to rile up your Russian hosts.

Smoking, drinking and public displays of affection.

If you smoke within 15 metres of any kind of public transport, school or shop then you’ll likely see yourself slapped with a fine of up £100 on the spot. Obviously, smoking inside any of these places is also going to be illegal and we would advise against it.

Unsurprisingly, Russia is perfectly fine with drinking alcohol but there are a few legal pitfalls if you’re planning a major bender on Russian soil. Drinking outside a bar or restaurant or just in a public place can see you hit with another £100 fine. The fine for being drunk in public is a little more lenient at just £50 but if you’re caught providing alcohol to minors you could see more than a fine and find yourself locked up.

Public displays of affection will amass a different kind of problem – while you might not get more than a frosty stare if you’re a straight couple, if you’re in an LGBTQ romance then you risk a lot, even if you don’t anything more involved than holding hands. Different regions of Russia will have different rules and laws for it, but you should know that the country, as a whole, is not LGBTQ friendly. In regions like Chechnya, you could even expect to be executed in the street if people find out you’re gay.

For a better idea what to expect, including some key manners and customs you should know, just see the guide below – courtesy of Betfair World Cup 2018 betting. Stay safe out there!