Most sports betting and gaming companies use Free Bets for promotional purposes. Usually, the newcomers are given a chance of betting for free on a given amount. This sum usually ranges between £ 10 and £ 25. In some cases though you may come across a site that offers you free bets up to the amount of about £ 100. Of course the catch is that, the money is offered in packages of around £ 25; to stipulate for more, you need to place bets with your own resources. One of the main reasons of offering free bets like this is to try and get the customer frequently betting online. The player can either avail the free bet in one bet or a series of bets.

In case of a free bet, you have to place a bet using your own money at first, which means you must first have an amount equal to the free bet amount in your account. If you win, you earn a profit that is equal to the value you had wagered. However, even if you lose, it is not as bad a deal since you still have not lost anything from your pocket. Sometimes, the betting sites release free bets for their accomplished clientèle. The value of a free bet and the sporting events where it can be used is generally decided by the betting company.

To avail a free bet, all you need to do is, enter the promotional code that accompanies all free bet promotional material. Once you get a message that you have successfully placed the promotional code, you are required to place the qualifying bet. With the passage of time, the element of offering free bets has become an important marketing exercise geared to attract new customers and keep the frequent visitors happy. Information on free bets is available on the websites as well as the associate sites. There are also sites that post information on freebies that are provided on the net. In fact, the sites that are dedicated to offering information on the best free deals are a great platform to compare the free bets that are periodically offered.

If you’re planning to benefit from a free bet, be quick as freebies get snapped up fast and often the promotional campaigns last for a short period of time, apart from working on a first-come-first-serve basis. Information on free bets is also available through e-zines and promotional newsletters released from a betting company for the benefit of its subscribers.

The fact is, companies which offer free bets essentially propose to bettors the bait of the prize along with a no-loss guarantee. Often, this is enough to allure the first-timers and rank rookies to make a guess at online betting. Once you get to taste the success of free betting, you will remain hooked on to an activity that promises to provide a lot of highs coupled with a lot of entertainment so long as it is practiced in moderation.