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Football betting

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Betting on football is a massive and lucrative business with increasing numbers of football fans turning to the internet for quick and convenient football betting opportunities. Statistics released in the British Gambling Prevalence Survey of 2007 suggests virtually 2 million Britons wagered on football matches in the same year, creating a gross gambling yield of £300 million. When the FIFA World Cup kicked off in Germany in 2006, an additional 440 thousand punters in the UK alone put money on the outcome of the global competition.

Why bet on football?
At present football is one of the most popular betting sports on the planet, rivaling horseracing in terms of depth of betting coverage and market diversity. Football’s popularity as a betting sport has evolved naturally from its status as the most popular sport on the planet. Football fans who are confident in their knowledge of the game naturally look to test, and profit from their expertise, in the various football betting markets offered by online bookmakers.

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The immense popularity that football enjoys provides football fans with numerous betting benefits. For a start the sport enjoys unrivaled betting market coverage, with some bookmakers offering up to 80 betting markets for high profile matches. Furthermore most bookmakers offer extensive league coverage, allowing fans to bet on results in top tier football leagues around the globe. Last but not least, the special focus placed on football betting by bookmakers ensures that football fans enjoy a steady stream of money-back and free bet specials and promotions from industry leaders.

Popular football bet types
While a potentially vast array of betting markets can be opened for any football match, the following betting options represent the most popular and accessible betting markets:

  • Outright betting invites football fans to bet on the winner of any given football league or knockout tournament.
  • Match betting is the most popular football betting option, and involves betting on the winner of a specific football match.
  • Handicap betting is match betting with a twist, evening the odds between two sides by adding or subtracting goals from the final score.
  • Goalscorer betting is popular for the excellent odds on offer, and involves predicting which players will score in a given match, and when they will do so.
  • Correct score betting the betting market of choice for football fans willing to put their football knowledge to the test. Predicting the correct score can provide some of the best returns in football betting.

football betting

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