As for every time I bet, I have £15 to put on 5 different bets. I call each bet a different name, and make a system where it gives me the edge of the bookies. I put £10 on the ‘Safety Bet’, I put £2 on the ‘Home Banker’, then £1.50 on ‘Draws’, then £0.30 on ’10 Matches’ and the final £1.20 on ‘Scorecast’.

Bet 1: Safety Bet

For the safety bet on I put on 66% of my money (£10), on the 3 most obvious matches, and if this is to win, then I will already be in profit, and the rest of the bets are more or less free. As it is International friendly’s, I find it a lot harder to pick the 3 obvious matches, so therefore more at risk this week.  Here are the selections I made for this week;

Hong Kong v Paraguay (Away win)
Holland v Turkey (Home win)
Montenegro v Azerbaijan (Home win)

Bet Placed: £10       Potential Winnings: £23.33

Bet 2: Home Banker

For this bet, I bet 20% of my money on four matches where I predict a home winner, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are strong favourites; it’s just teams that I reckon will win. I will bet £3 on the following 4 matches;

Russia v Belgium (Home Win)
Eygpt v Australia (Home Win)
Denmark v Czech Republic (Home Win)
England v France (Home Win)

Bet Placed: £2       Potential Winnings: £46.78

Bet 3: Draws

For this bet I place £1.50 on 3 matches where I cannot pick a winner, and therefore hope that a draw will happen. This roughly wins me £40 if successful. The selections I have made for this one are;

Argentina v Brazil (Draw)
Bulgaria v Serbia (Draw)
Switzerland v Ukraine (Draw)

Bet Placed: £1.50    Potential Winnings: £49.15

Bet 4: 10 Matches

In this bet, I randomly choose 10 matches (usually I choose all Premier League games) and try and pick a result. You can choose games which you have already placed a bet on, and you can also place it on a different result, as I am sure I will too. I will bet just £0.30 on this bet: here are my selections;

Slovakia v Belarus (Home Win)
Argentina v Brazil (Home Win)
Israel v Iceland (Home Win)
Denmark v Czech Republic (Draw)
Luxembourg v Algeria (Away Win)
South Africa v USA (Away Win)
Sweden v Germany (Away Win)
Slovenia v Georgia (Home Win)
England v France (Draw)
Portugal v Spain (Draw)

Bet Placed: £0.30     Potential Winnings: £571.14

Bet 5: Scorecast

My final bet is Scorecast where I bet my final £1.20 on a match of my choice. I will choose the England game at home to France and I will choose the first goal scorer and result. Here is my selection;

First Goal scorer: Steven Gerrard   Result: England 2-1 France

Bet Placed: £1.20    Potential Winnings: £43.50

Thank you for reading, I hope I win some money back from this, and I hope you have read my tips and recommendations to do a similar sort of bet.