The Champions League concludes this week, and there is still some meaningful games which are to take place. Some are fighting for qualification, others fighting for 1st place, or a place in the Europa League, and some are just fighting for their pride. I’ve decided to use my favourite type of betting as I splash out £15 on five different types of bets. I name each one too, as they are called ‘Safety Bet’, ‘Home Banker’, ‘Draws’, ’10 Matches’ and ‘Scorecast’.

Bet 1: Safety Bet

For this bet I put two thirds of my money on (£10), as I bet on three games which are the most likely. Putting £10 on these three games should win me more than £15, therefore, if this bet was too be successful, then I would not lose any money, and have a little bit of profit at the very least. Here are my selections;

Lyon v Hapoel Tel Aviv (Home Win)
Arsenal v Partizan Belgrade (Home Win)
Real Madrid v Auxerre (Home Win)

Bet Placed: £10    Potential Winnings: £22.22

Bet 2: Home Banker

I only have £5 left now for the remaining four bets. Therefore I will bet £3 on this one, as it’s the second most likely of happening. I am going to bet on 4 teams to win their matches at home, but they don’t have to be overwhelming favourites. Here are my selections;

Man Utd v Valencia (Home Win)
Barcelona v Rubin Kazan (Home Win)
Copenhagen v Panathinaikos (Home Win)
AC Milan v Ajax (Home Win)

Bet Placed:
£3   Potential Winnings: £19.30

Bet 3: Draws

Out of the £2 left, I will bet £1.20 on three draws that I think may happen. There are often games where you cannot pick a winner, and the odds of a draw is a must better proposition. Here are my selections;

Bursaspor v Rangers (Draw)
Benfica v Schalke (Draw)
Marseille v Chelsea (Draw)

Bet Placed: £1.20    Potential Winnings: £47.12

Bet 4: 10 Matches

We now have just £0.80 left, and now it’s time to bet on the last two bets where the chances of winning are unlikely, but are worth it because it’s only £0.80 and fun, and you just never know, you may win. I will choose 5 matches from each day, and I will put in some tricky fixtures in, to increase the odds, as I only £0.20 on this particular bet. You can choose the same matches as before if you want, and can even choose a different result too.

Here are my selections;

Barcelona v Rubin Kazan (Home Win)
Benfica v Schalke (Home Win)
Manchester United v Valencia (Draw)
Twente v Tottenham (Away Win)
Werder Bremen v Inter Milan (Away Win)
Bayern Munich v Basel (Home Win)
Cluj v Roma (Away Win)
Marseille v Chelsea (Home Win)
Shaktar Donetsk v Braga (Home Win)
Zilina v Spartak Moscow (Away Win)

Bet Placed: £0.20    Potential Winnings: £259.23

Bet 5: Scorecast

With the final £0.60, I will bet on a Scorecast from one of the matches. I am going to choose Man Utd v Valencia. Scorecast is when you choose the first goal scorer and the result. I think Wayne Rooney will get back into the goals tonight, and for United to win the match 2-0.

My selection;

First Goal Scorer: Wayne Rooney     Result: Manchester United 2-0 Valencia
Bet Placed: £0.60    Potential Winnings: £11.40

Thanks for reading, and good luck!