Betting on El Classico

Betting on El Classico

Barcelona v Real Madrid

One of the greatest derbies in the world takes place on Monday, for the first time in its history, and arguably there has never been a game as hyped up as this particular one. Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta, Ozil, Xavi, Higuian and many more players will take to the field and hopefully perform a classic which will live long in everyone’s memories.

The match should be unpredictable, hence betting on it and expecting it to come through is an unlikely event. Both sides are rampant at the moment. In the league only the one point separates the two sides, as Real Madrid still remain unbeaten. The last four times these two teams have played, home and away, Barcelona have been the winners, and it wouldn’t be too unfair to say that some were quite comfortable too. However, the last time Mourinho went to the Camp Nou, he celebrated at the final whistle heroically, and will be hoping to do the same on Monday.

A lot of people are still undecided on who the better player is, out of the Argentine Lionel Messi, or the Portuguese Ronaldo. Both have brilliant goal scoring records, and phenomenal skill which makes them the best two in the world, and we wait to see who outshines who in this encounter. There will be so many ways to bet on this game, and to make the match even more fascinating I will bet too. I can see this match coming out with two outcomes, either an anti-climatically 0-0, or a fascinating 2-2. 0-0 is priced at 12/1 and 2-2 is priced at 14/1 so I would recommend a punt on that.

If I was to do a Scorecast, I would say Ronaldo to score first in a 2-2 draw, and the odds of that are generous at 60/1…it can happen. I personally see it as a draw, but if you think Mourinho can take his team to a victorious and memorable 2-0 win, then the odds of that happening are 12/1. If you believe Barcelona will be too strong for them at home, and fancy a 2-0 victory for them, then the odds of that happening are 8/1. Messi to score first is the most likely event, as it is priced at 4/1 but I wouldn’t be shocked if a defender opens up the scoring.

My recommendations;

Result: Barcelona 0-0 Real Madrid (12/1) Barcelona 2-2 Real Madrid (14/1)
First goal scorer: Lionel Messi (4/1) Ronaldo (11/2) Carlos Puyol (40/1) Sergio Ramos (22/1)