Are you the sort of person that likes to bet on just the one sport, with it being Football, Rugby or Tennis, or are you the type that likes to bet on as much sports as possible? Doesn’t matter which type you are, all betting is still fun. However, I do like betting on quite a few sports and I will briefly talk through some of the sports you can bet on.

American Sports

You can choose to bet on American sports, for example, NBA, NFL, NHL, if you want to. Most bookmakers will allow you bet on this sports, and regularly you can beat on who will win matches, how many points will be scored, who will win the season, what player will be top scorer of the season, which teams will finish bottom, etc, they are so many bets, so if you are a fan of these sports and you are knowledgeable of the game, then I recommend you to bet and hope to win big.


Arguably the most popular sport in the world, and to bet on. They are so many different ways to bet on football, including accumulators, goals scored in a match, correct score, top goal scorer, the list goes on and on and you can bet on any league possible, or international football and even tournaments such as the Champions League. Football is similar to betting on Rugby.


Golf is another popular sport to bet on, as they are often so many tournaments throughout the year. Most bookmakers will enable you to bet on tournament winners of Championships or special tournaments such as Ryder Cup.


Similar to golf, as you can bet on match and tournament winners including big competitions such as US Open and Wimbledon. Also, betting in-play allows you to bet on what player will win the next match or set, so this is has many options for fans to bet on.


Boxing always generates a lot of bets, especially with big fights. They allow you to bet on who wins, how they win, and what round they win etc. For example David Haye fight against Audley Harrison was a huge fight and many had bet on the outcome of that match.

Dog Racing

One of the most popular ways of betting is on dog races. This is because there are so many races per day, and are often finished quickly, which appeals to a gambler. On average, they are usually about 40 races a day in England around the country, for people to bet on.