There are so many ways to bet on football, and each fan of this wants to know how to make money in the most realistic way possible. Some fans like to put huge stakes on obvious matches, but this can fail, or some like to put a little bit of money on things that are extremely unlikely, and winning them proves to be a rarity. I will offer some advice on how I win money from betting on football, but I must warn you that if you are knowledgeable about football, you definitely need a bit of luck too, but that’s why they call it gambling.

European Giants to Win

Often people will bet on the giants of European football win, whoever they play. These teams are the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, etc. I can warn people that this often does not work, as one of them is due to slip up. However, if you look at the fixtures of the big teams, it is ideal to bet on the teams which are playing home, as it will increase the chances of winning significantly. If Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich are playing home, but Barcelona, Inter, and Arsenal are playing away, it would be ideal to bank on the home fixtures. As you are only betting on four matches, and all of them are home, then it’s wise to put more money on. Putting £1 on the matches would win you about £2.44 back, but if you are confident, then put £10 or £20 on the bet as it is quite possible to happen. Putting £20 on would win you £48.83.

3 Draws

When you look at the fixtures of the weekend, there are some matches where you cannot pick a winner. That is certainly no problem, as always betting on a draw will give you better odds than a winner. The chances of this bet coming through isn’t that likely, but in my honest opinion, you sometimes have a better chance of winning this than 6 or 7 dead certainties. Betting on 3 draws with £1 will win you £32, not bad eh? If you feel lucky, perhaps put a £5 on it, as £163 sounds good to me.

Predict every match from your League

My final tip is for you to bet on every match for as little as £0.10. If you are a fan of the Premiership, then bet on every match and go with your gut instinct. The chances of this happening are little, but the money you will receive would be phenomenal. The odds change depending on the results you back, but I would not be surprised if from putting £0.10 on a list of 10 matches, can win you more than £40, and putting £1 can win you over £400, and putting £10 can win you thousands. It’s your choice, this tip has worked for me in the past, as I put £0.20 on it, winning £87, arguably my best bet so far.