Arbitrage is a unique betting technique which makes puts the outcome 100% in your favour and making a guaranteed profit. This is by betting on outcomes at different bookmakers, which have different odds.  As per every sporting event, you can bet on numerous outcomes, and whatever the bet on, you still have a small percent of losing, and if you win the bet, you could still lose some of the money placed on another bet.

However, Arbitrage betting fully make sure that you will win when betting on the best priced odds at different bookmakers and winning profit from the difference. This is called arbing.


For example, if there is a tennis match happening soon, there can only be one winner. So you bet on each player to win using different bookmakers. Say Ladbrokes has Person A to win at 1.10 and Person B to win at 8.00, and then Bet365 has Person A to win at 1.20 and Person B to win at 5.00, then you need to wager the amounts so that you win £1000. So for example;


£909.10 on Person A (1.10) wins £1000
£125.00 on Person B (8.00) wins £1000


£833.35 on Person A (1.20) wins you £1000
£200 on Person B (5.00) wins you £1000

As you look at that, you can visually see that betting on both people at Ladbrokes will cost you £1034.10, therefore winning £1000 will make you lose £34.10. If betting on both people using Bet365 you will be spending £1033.35, therefore winning £1000 would make you lose £33.35. This is where you have to find a combination of the two people where you bet less than £1000 so you know that you will definitely making a profit. Betting on Person A at Ladbrokes and Person B at Bet365 will cost you £1,109.10, and therefore losing out on £109.10. However, betting on Person B at Ladbrokes, and Person A at Bet365, you have only spent £958.35, then therefore guaranteed to win a profit of £41.65.

It is as simple as that, but the hardest thing about Arbitrage betting is that it’s hard to find bookmakers with a lot of different odds. If a match can finish in a draw, like football, then you will have to find 3 different bookmakers potentially and the equation starts to become a tad more difficult. But once you find different odds, and you can see yourself making a definite profit, then this betting technique is by far the best out there. There are some websites which try and find opportunities where you can use this betting strategy.